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on/off/dimming, scene, timer & sensor control for all types of lighting (fluorescent, halogen, LED, PaperLight etc.) integrating lighting, air-con, audio video system, door, window, heater etc. via all types of user programmable controls (auto, manual, remote, SMS, PC, internet etc.) multi-color high intensity (1 to 300 watt) LED Lighting & 0.3mm thickness Paper lighting & various types of controller DIY quick retrofit long life span Lighting & Air-conditioner Energy Saver. Save up to 38% and it is only 57x47x7mm. Further Saving from 40% to 80% is done by installing the Multi-zone Intelligent Distributed Energy Saver & MR16
5 times more effective than ioniser in removing bacteria, odor & virus. Very low power consumption & maintenance free DIY retrofit multi-function wireless user programmable security system with emergency & homecare function. Built-in local & external alarm/siren with triggered telephone dial up user recordable voice message alert. Come with wireless pendant remote control & built-in rechargeable 7-hour backup battery all types of audio video customisable integrated control & interface (PTZ camera, LCD/DLP projector, projector screen, lift, curtain, home theatre, board room, training room etc.) One-stop OEM/ODM Customisable Product according to your requirement or develop a brand new product for you from prototype to manufacturing of the finisihed product
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Quick Product Overview Manufacturer: Integrated Intelligent Products for All Audio Video, Lighting, HVAC, Environmental Air/Water Hygiene and Energy Saving Solutions OEM/ODM Overview
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MAIN OFFICE: Design & Development Studio / R&D Lab / Perspective Advancement Center / Product Showroom
18 Sin Ming Lane #06-03 Midview City, Singapore 573960 [Location Map]
22 Sin Ming Lane #06-78/79 Midview City, Singapore 573969
OLD OFFICE/FACTORY: Fabrication Factory / Fabricated Part Showroom
9 Little Road #08-02 MG Manufacturers Building, Singapore 536985 [Location Map]
Tel: (65)61000611 (3 Lines) Fax: (65)64590450 Email: Skype:

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