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Intelligent Wireless Remote Control Lighting Switch/Dimmer Integrated Intelligent Automation Access/Control & Monitoring System
Integrated Intelligent Audio Video Control System Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver & Control/Monitoring
Virus & Odor Eliminator Lifestyle Air Cleaner/Purifier Appliance Multi-Color High Power LED / Paper Lighting & Automation Control
Fully Integrated Intelligent Control & Monitoring of All Electrical Appliances

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    Pioneer and Leader in Complete Control Technology

1-gang Light Switch/Dimmer 2-gang Remote Light Switch/Dimmer 3-gang Remote Light Switch/Dimmer RF Remote Light Switch/Dimmer
Wireless (IR/RF/SMS) Remote Control Light Switch/Dimmer for Integrated Intelligent Home/Office Automation Control

6-in-1 LCD Programmable Remote Control 10-in-1 Programmable Remote Control Integrated Intelligent Systems with Security All-in-One Projector Screen Control Universal Appliance Control Software
RF Programmable Transmitter RF Transmitter Wiresless Homecare / Security with Voice Message Phone Dial out Membership Card
Integrated Intelligent Automation Access/Control & Monitoring for Building, Home, Office, Retail Outlet, Factory & Warehouse

Complete Audio Video Network Control System Projector Controller /Switcher Color LED MR16 Remote & Music Controller System
Integrated Intelligent Audio Video Wired/Wireless Automation Control System

Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Multi-zone Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Wall-Mount PIR Motion Sensor Multi-zone Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion Sensor Lighting PIR Motion Sensor Switch Light Sensor Switch/Dimmer
Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver & Automation Control

Destroy Airborne Virus & odor up to 25 sqaure metres Destroy Airborne Virus & odor for Bin-center
Virus & Odor Eliminator Lifestyle & Heavy Duty Bin-Center Compactor Air Cleaner / Purifier Appliance

Portable run on Battery Can Bend 3x3Watt LED MR16 9 Watt LED (E27) Bulb 7 to 27W LED PAR Lamp 3 to 9W LED PL Lamp LED Circular and G24 PL Lamp 4 to 24 Watt T8 LED Lamp 30 to 240 Watt LED Flood Light 30 to 100 Watt LED Flood Light 100 to 300 Watt LED Highbay Light
Multi-Color LED & Paper Lighting for Integrated Intelligent Lighting Automation Control