Develop For You: ODM/OEM Business

Talk to us, if you need help or advice to develop a product from a simple idea or concept.

We provide our services from our expertise to help you design, develop and manufacture

from small quantity to full swing production.

For Help or Advice please email your enquiry to or see OEM/ODM/Project Reference

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Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd: Integrated Intelligent System for All Audio Video, Lighting, HVAC, Environmental Air/Water Hygiene and Energy Saving Solutions Universal Appliance Control Software (DOS, Win98, XP, Vista)
3W~9W High Intensity Multi-Color LED MR16 & DMX512 Controller
All-in-one Electricity Monitor & Controller for KWH, Watt, VA, V, I, PF & Hz
Remote Power Control & Monitoring via RF, Mobile Phone SMS, PC, Internet
IR and RF(433MHz) Remote Control (Size:85x52x6 mm, 32 Keys max.) New!
IR Learning Remote Control (Size:175x58x28 mm, 4 pages x 32 Keys max.)
IR Learning Remote Control (Size:175x60x25 mm, 53 Keys max.)
IR Learning Remote Control (Size:170x55x34 mm, 47 Keys max.)
IR LCD Learning Remote Control (Size:89x54x12 mm, 4 pages x 17 Keys)
RF Remote Control
RF Learning Remote Control
Remote Control 8 Channel Universal Programmable Relay Module
Low Cost Single-Chip Multi-Code Lighting Remote Control IC & DIY Kit
Basic Remote Projector Screen Controller
Integrated Multi-Function Remote Projector Screen Controller
DLP/LCD Projector Controllers / Switchers
Integrated Multi-Function Projector Controller controlling Motorised Projector Screen
Doorphone with Remote Dial-out Access
Voice-Menu Security Key-Entry with Intercom
Contactless Smart Card Reader
Customized SQL Webserver System for Membership Card Program
Customizable OEM/ODM 26~42" LCD TV & control it from anywhere in the world
DLP/LCD Projector Code Download (Integrating Projector, Screen, Lighting, Amplifier & Air-conditioner etc.)