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3x3Watt LED MR16 9 Watt LED (E27) Bulb 7 to 27 Watt LED PAR Lamp 3 to 9 Watt LED PL Lamp LED Circular and G24 PL Lamp 4 to 24 Watt T8 LED Lamp 30 to 240 Watt LED Flood Light 30 to 100 Watt LED Flood Light 100 to 300 Watt LED Highbay Light 1-gang Light Switch/Dimmer 2-gang Remote Light Switch/Dimmer 3-gang Remote Light Switch/Dimmer RF Remote Light Switch/Dimmer 6-in-1 LCD Programmable Remote Control 10-in-1 Programmable Remote Control Integrated Intelligent Systems with Security All-in-One Projector Screen Control Universal Appliance Control Software RF Programmable Transmitter RF Transmitter Wiresless Homecare / Security with Voice Message Phone Dial out Membership Card Complete Audio Video Network Control System Projector Controller /Switcher Color LED MR16 Remote & Music Controller System Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Multi-zone Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Wall-Mount PIR Motion Sensor Multi-zone Lighting/Air-conditioner Energy Saver Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion Sensor Lighting PIR Motion Sensor Switch Light Sensor Switch/Dimmer Destroy Airborne Virus & odor up to 25 sqaure metres Destroy Airborne Virus & odor for Bin-center Portable run on Battery Can Bend
Demo & Product Brochures in Acrobat PDF Format
Our Very World First Revolutionary Product in Year 1990
All-in-one Remote Control System Writeup
Integrated Intelligent Building (Commercial & Residential) Automation & Management System
(Eg. Office Building, Factory, Condominium, School, Retail Chain Store, Hospital, Hotel, Home)
Integrated Intelligent System (Flexible System: Conventional or Extra-Low Voltage, ELV) for Home & Office Automation
New & Revolutionary! Fully Integrated Multi-Function Control System for Office/Conference/Seminar/Training Room & Home
Integrated Facility Management System: Integrated Intelligent Building for Control & Monitoring and Energy Saving (Please Registered)
LED & Thin Firm Lighting / Integrated Lighting & Appliance Control
Intelligent Integrated Remote Control Switch
Full Multi-Function Remote Control Switch (1 to 6 gang)
Remote Control Multi-Color High Power LED MR16 Lighting (DIY Retrofit Plug & Play without Re-wiring)
See them in Action: Control all Electrical Appliances and more ...
10-in-1 Infra-red Code Teachable Remote Control: Control all Electrical Appliances and more ...
Multi-Function Remote Control Switch / Controller (designed for Audio, Video, Lighting & HVAC Systems)
Thin Luminairs: White, Blue or Green Light on paper down to 0.3mm thickness
Energy Saving High Power LED Lamp & Controller (MR16, E27/G24 Bulb, Flood Light, Highbay Light, Pool Light, T8, PL Lamp etc.)
Remote & Music Synchronized Integrated LED MR16 DMX512 Controller
Lighting & Air-Conditioner Energy Control & Saving Solutions
Fluorescent, HID Lamp & Air-conditioner Energy Saver
Lighting Electronic Ballast Alternative
Energy Conservation Devices
Low Cost Quick & Simple DIY Dual-Function Occupancy PIR Motion Detector & Light Sensor Switch/Dimmer
Multi-zone Intelligent Distributed Energy Saving System for Commercial Building (Please Registered)
Long Life and Energy Saving Street Lamp HID Bulb - DIY Direct Replacement for HID Lamp
Energy Saver Evaluation Testimonial from Customer: Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Energy Saver Testimonial from Customer: Currency Printing Plant (1920 pieces Installed)
Bogus Power Saver: Save Power(?) using Power Correction Capacitor Disguised Under Beautiful Casing and Packaging
Hygiene & Environment Indoor Air/Water Quality Solutions
Multi-Function Virus & Odour Eliminator Appliances
Heavy Duty Electronic Odour Eliminator for Bin-Center Waste Compactors and Containers
Green & Free Energy Products & Solutions
Emergency Instant Car Starter (No Car Pushing and No Jumper Cables Needed)
Renewable Electronic Fission Energy Fuel Generator Saving Petrol up to 40%
Batteryless Programmable IR Remote Control
Powerless Appliances Close-loop Sensor Modules (Please Registered)
Alkaline Battery Charger - Don't just throw away used alkaline batteries (Please Registered)
Audio Video Surveillance, Security, HomeCare & Emergency System
Remote Alert Control System
Multi-Function HOMECARE SYSTEM: Emergency Alert & Security System
Doorbell Hidden Audio & Video Camera
CCTV Audio Video Surveillance System (4 to 32 Camera Channels up to 480 FPS)
ODM / OEM, Customisation, Integrated Remote Control, Audio Video Control, Projector & Screen Control etc.
OEM Remote Control Series
Integrated Projector and Screen Controller
Universal Projector Controller (Please Registered)
User Friendly Conference Room Presentation Automation System
All-in-one Home Theatre System (Please Registered)
PC Explore Card (PC Hardawre/Software R&D or diagnostic tool) (Please Registered)
High Performance Durable Energy Saving Type Remote Control Light Switch (Please Registered)
High Performance Durable Energy Saving Type Remote Control Light Dimmer (Please Registered)
All-in-one Remote IR/RF Transmitter (Please Registered)
Audio/Video Master Controller (Please Registered)