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Breakthrough Technology: Alternative Energy for an entire country or nation without depending on oil
Don't throw away your conventional magnetic ballast: Use it to save up to 38% Electricity Bill!
How to reduce Electronic Ballast maintenance cost due to its short lifespan: Use Electronic Ballast Alternative!
How to save Air-conditioner Energy without paying for the saver: Here is how...
DIY Device to improve Fluorescent Lamp lifespan by 80%....coming soon!
Why use Halogen Lamp to cause our room to heat up and waste energy? Why not DIY the cool & fun way!
Don't use harmful chemical (eg. Chlorine, spirit etc.) for cleaning: Use free air to clean them instead!
Don't cheat ourself with harmful fragrance (they are volatile organic chemicals - VOC) to mask odour in toilet: Here is the healthy solution! (
Bogus Power Saver: Save Power(?) using Power Correction Capacitor Disguised Under Beautiful Casing and Packaging
Knowledge that we should know to prevent cancer and destroy cancer
Let there be light ! ....coming!
Take back what you lost ....coming!
Is anybody there ? How many left ? ....coming!
Monitoring Sensor running without power .... Ready! just email us your requirement.
Sight & Sound Turn the World Around .... Ready! just email us your requirement.
Water treatment for swimming pool, commercial toilets ....coming soon!
Internet Ready Appliances #1: Audio/Video Networking System
Programmable Scene Control Master (Please Registered)
Internet Ready Appliances #2: 16 Camera Hex Surveillance System (Please Registered)
Internet Ready Appliances #3: Integrated Centralised Control System (Please Registered)
Remote Real-Time Appliances Control and Monitoring Systems (Please Registered)
All-in-one Remote Control System with internet access features (Please Registered)
Appliances Management System (upto 250 appliances) (Please Registered)