Breakthrough Technology Today for Tomorrow
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We never cease to look for the following resources:

1. Like-Minded Partners who share our vision.

Appliance -- an indispensable TOOL that human will rely on for a better tomorrow, 

so that we use lesser time to accomplish our jobs. Not to make us lazier or complacent

but to redeem our TIME to achieve life goals.

Innovation -- Innovation comes through Revelation birth forth from GOD given "Talents"

not inspired by money alone or by copying someone else product but is given by

GOD's gifted never ending resources through HIS Revelation, we call it Understanding.

Pte Ltd -- It is an Organisation Enterprise not controlled by money but driven by goal & vision

to share lasting solutions and to demonstrate THE "right" WAY, the "truth" kind of lifestyle

beneficial to the progress of mankind for today and tomorrow.

2. Developed Country or Nation that are serious and committed (but not greedy and coveted)

   to implement this proven technology to acquire huge energy without depending on oil


   - Breakthrough Technology: Alternative Energy for an entire country or nation

     without depending on oil

3. Partner who has resources in Marketing & Sales to start new business with

   our new products and Inventions in the following area:

-  New Technology: 30 to 70% Water and Electricity Energy Saving solution

-  New Technology: Chemical Free Cleaning Technology

-  Revolutionary Telephone technology

-  Non-conventional Free and Natural Energy (not solar, not wind, not water etc.)  

-  New cooling Technology 

-  7 Types of Integrated Control & Monitoring Technology 

-  many more coming... on water and air system

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