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The Company

The Vision of Appliance Innovation was conceptualised in 1988 by

HOME & OFFICE Automation Systems specialised in Intelligent Home, Closed-loop

control Systems, Industrial Automation, Energy & Water Conservation Devices, PABX,

Multi-drop 2-wire Networking Systems and Computer Control and Monitoring Systems.

It was in 1992 that HOME & OFFICE Automation Systems invested more into R&D

and small scale manufacturing in developing its own products -- Appliances

that not only able to link and talk to each other with a common "language", 

but also able to link and talk to other third party HOME or OFFICE appliances.

In 1994, Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd was incorporated with her first

innovation -- The All-in-one multi-function Remote Control System integrating

all appliances and all different types of control into ONE. Such as, Lighting, 

Audio/Video System, Air-conditioner, Water Heater, Home Theatre System, Fan,

Curtain, Autogate and door etc. with ONE multi-function integrated control

via Remote, Telephone, Manual, Computer, Timer and Alarm.

Appliance -- an indispensable TOOL that human will rely on for a better tomorrow, 

so that we can be more efficient in accomplishing our jobs aiming for excellent result.

Not to make us lazier or complacent but to redeem our TIME to achieve life goals.

Innovation -- Innovation comes through Revelation birth forth from GOD given "Talents"

not inspired by money alone or by copying someone else product but is given by

GOD's gifted never ending resources through HIS Revelation, we call it Understanding.

Pte Ltd -- It is an Organisation Enterprise not controlled by money but driven by goal & vision

to share lasting solutions and to demonstrate THE "right" WAY, the "truth" kind of lifestyle

beneficial to the progress of mankind for today and tomorrow.

Look to Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd for permanent solutions that save time & money,

improve operations, and eliminate problems.

A down-to-earth application model in reality of THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE

The Mission

We aim forward daily to make solutions available beyond tradition boundary so as

to give all a choice to decide based on one's own fore-sight to continue to cope

with limit or choose to overcome the cycle of the present situation. 

The mission motto is the calling from The Word, "Making things happen together", for now and for tomorrow.

Company Definition of Success and Prosperity

Success and Prosperity are not measured by how much you have or how much you made

or how well you decorate your front.

Success and Prosperity are measured by how close you have achieved in making things

happen for a meaningful and better tomorrow against the issues of life troubling mankind.

And this is The Spirit that drive this organisation !

Company Direction

The heart and soul of the Company is Innovation !

Concentrating on R&D, Product Development in new products and invention leaving

Product Marketing and Sales to Partnership Marketing/Sales companies.

In view of many new products/inventions to develop.

We hope to find genuine Business Partners who share our vision in joining us to

expand together the business boundary by speeding up the development of some

more new and up coming products and inventions to benefit mankind.

Product Quality and Reliability Commitment

  All Standard products are field tested for 3 to 6 months before releasing to

   the market and a standard product warranty on manufacturing defects for 1 year

   is honoured.

  All Premium products developed by the company are field tested for 1 to 2 years

   before releasing them to the market.

  Premium products are given 3 to 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects

  All ODM/OEM products are given 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects

Customers' Advantage

1. Low product development cost in developing the OEM/ODM product - Compare your quotation !

    Because we have done it before

    Because we have the knowledge, expertise and experience on similar product (check our product list)

    Because our company overhead is low due to our innovative company culture in executing our business

    Because we implement DFM and DFT

2. We built-in the "competitive edge" in the product

3. One-stop product development center

4. We have a program to support prototype development for small production quantity as low as 10 units

5. The product is yours.

6. We protect your investment

Company Profile

We are an innovative R&D company specializing in Electrical/Electronics

Multi-Function Control & Monitoring with Plastic Mould Fabrication & Injection

facilities. We have 70 over different product lines and over 300 models for

ODM/OEM and Distribution in Lighting & Power Control, Electrical & Electronic

Appliance Control, Security System, Home & Office Automation (Intelligent System),

Audio/Video System, CCTV, Internet A/V Surveillance and Closed-Loop Control System,

AV Intercom System and Telecommunication, Air and Water Purification Appliances,

Energy and Facility Building Control System.

Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd
MAIN OFFICE: Design & Development Studio / R&D Lab / Perspective Advancement Center / Product Showroom
18 Sin Ming Lane #06-03 Midview City, Singapore 573960 [Location Map]
22 Sin Ming Lane #06-78/79 Midview City, Singapore 573969
OLD OFFICE/FACTORY: Fabrication Factory / Fabricated Part Showroom
9 Little Road #08-02 MG Manufacturers Building, Singapore 536985 [Location Map]
For Customer Quick-Collection : 10am - 8pm daily
445 Sin Ming Avenue, Singapore 570445 [Location Map]
Tel: (65)61000611 (3 Lines) Fax: (65)64590450 Email: inbox@ai-m.net Skype: www.ai-m.net
Contact: Sales : K T Toh, Gary Ng, Stephen Wong, Carol Oon Logistic Support : Jimmy Ngo, Carol Oon, William Tay Technical Sales : Gary Ng, Danny Goh Technical Support : Gary Ng, Danny Goh, James Koo, Jimmy Ngo Sales Support : Carol Yap, Carol Oon Design & Development : Danny Goh, John Goh, Joanne Goh OEM/ODM & Prototyping : Danny Goh Manufacturing : Daniel Goh, Joseph Goh Hands-on Consultant & Visionary Director : Joshua Goh, Danny Goh with hands-on experience since 1984 specialized in - R&D and Innovation - Product Design & Development - Sourcing & Procurement (Minor) - Logistics (Minor) - Engineering - Product/Component Testing & Evaluation - Inhouse Equipment Design and Fabrication - Manufacturing - Process - Production (Minor) - Diagnostics & Repair - Marketing and Sales - Pre and Post Sales Technical Support Year Established: 1988 (Home & Office Automation), 1994 (Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd) Bankers: United Overseas Bank Ltd Paid Up Capital: $0.5 Million Products / OEM, ODM Services We classified our Product Design & Development specialization in these areas: - Integrated Remote Control - Integrated Intelligent Systems - Integrated Audio / Video Control - Integrated Lighting & Lighting Control - Energy Saving & Wastage Control Products - Hygiene & Environmental Air / Water Control - Developing Product from Prototyping to Manufacturing Exported Market Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia, India, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, UK, Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, Ethiopia, US, Canada, Taiwan, Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Nepal.
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